Rail travel is an environmentally friendly and relaxing way to travel. Rail travel has long had a reputation for being a bit out of date. Those times are long gone, because modern compartments or large carriages make rail travel a comfortable pleasure. In addition, a wide variety of offers are made that you can use for your trip on vacation.

The 5 most important advantages of rail travel at a glance

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If you travel overnight in a sleeping car, you will arrive fresh and rested at your holiday destination. In this way, you gain a vacation day and do not have to recover from the stresses of travel before your vacation actually begins.
Traveling by train gives you plenty of free time. On the way, you can admire the landscape, write letters, read a good book or have inspiring conversations with family or your partner.
If you want to be mobile at the holiday resort, book a motorail train with a sleeping car. This service is mainly offered during the main travel season.
Rail travel is very environmentally friendly, as far less CO2 per kilometer is produced per passenger than would be possible with individual travel.
Combining the vacation with a train journey is one of the safest possible ways. With only 0.03 fatalities per billion kilometers traveled, train journeys are much safer than cars, bikes, or buses.


Relocating leisure time or vacation to the train

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The train is undoubtedly a means of transport, but one with a very long history. A very special way to spend your free time or vacation is to take a train.

The entire vacation can also be designed as a train journey; from the legendary Orient Express to The Canadian from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast or the luxurious Al Andalus across Spanish Andalusia. And very close; A trip by train through the Swiss Alps is definitely an unforgettable experience.

Exceptional rail travel in Europe

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If you have a little more free time, you can experience unique trips on vacation. So enthusiastic drivers are reluctant to miss the panoramic routes through the Alps.

But the ferry is already waiting in Genoa, with which you can either continue towards Sardinia or Naples. If this is not far enough south for you, you can take the motorail train to Sicily. It is unusual that the entire train is loaded onto a ferry and transferred to Messina, from where it continues to Palermo or Syracuse.

How much more expensive is it to travel by train on vacation?

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If you don’t just calculate the cost of gasoline or flight tickets, you will quickly find that rail travel is quite cheap. Especially when compared to driving a car.

This is because hidden costs in cars are often overlooked, for example, the loss of value due to the additional kilometers, wear on tires, brakes, or engine, and the consumption of engine oil, oil, and air filters.

What are the most popular destinations for train travel while on vacation?

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City trips by train are extremely popular, even as a weekend break during leisure time. Copenhagen, Denmark’s bustling capital, is right on trend.

You should reserve your tickets for Venice and Vienna in good time for trips to the south, just like for Florence or Zurich. In the west, Paris, Orleans, and the Eurotunnel beckon through the English Channel, which takes you directly to London.


Image Source: Unsplash