On a river trip, you can discover picturesque landscapes, visit interesting cities and gain many new impressions. The big advantage: the luggage travels with you.

The ship takes you across beautiful waters to various destinations in just a few days. You will see many places on a river cruise, but you only need to unpack once.

The location changes every day, but the annoying packing of suitcases is no longer necessary. You only empty your luggage once on a cruise, because the hotel always goes with you. You can get to a wide variety of places, but you don’t have to pay attention to timetables or transport your belongings.

While the suitcase should be readily packed every morning on a normal round trip, you can enjoy breakfast on the ship and start your excursion relaxed.

Traveling on the river cruise ship is sociable

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During a river cruise, you will meet other passengers on deck, at dinner, or at the bar. If you enjoy traveling with people from all over the world, a river cruise is a perfect opportunity. You will quickly get into a conversation if you are open to new contacts. If necessary, you can go on an excursion together. Small ships tend to travel on rivers. This means that the number of passengers on board is limited, which creates a personal, familiar atmosphere.

A river trip is easy to plan

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One advantage of a river cruise is that it is easy to plan. All you have to do is choose the route, the ship and the cabin, and the rest of the way the tour company takes care of. River cruises include transportation, accommodation, and meals. There is no need to search for hotel rooms in your price range, and you don’t have to think about how to get from A to B as the captain does the coordination.

A river cruise is good value for money

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The expenses for traveling on the ship include almost everything you need for a great vacation:

With the cabin, you have the paid hotel room on board.
The cost includes transportation to the various vacation destinations.
Entertainment and meals are usually included.


You won’t get seasick easily on a river cruise

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You can suffer from seasickness on the river, but this is rare. A river trip is calm and gentle. A high swell is atypical on rivers. Land is always in sight, which makes seasick people feel good. In addition, the proximity to the shore ensures that there is always something to watch.

Which rivers are suitable for a cruise?

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The Volga, the Danube, and the Rhine are beautiful waters in Europe and are worth a boat trip. If you want, you can take a river cruise in completely different parts of the world. On the Nile, you will head for numerous legacies of the ancient Egyptians. Traveling by ship on the Yangtze, the longest river in China, is also impressive.

How long does a river trip last?

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How long the boat trip on the river takes depends on the route chosen. Often you can only navigate part of the water or follow the entire course of the river from the source to the mouth.

What should I look out for when booking a river cruise?

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Pay attention to the timetable when booking. It should be put on somewhere every day so that there is no boredom and there is always something to do. The choice of the cabin should be carefully considered. Accommodation with no windows and a very narrow bunk can reduce the enjoyment of the trip.


Image Source: Unsplash