The human body consists largely of water. Shortly after birth, the water content is 75 percent, while it is still 55 percent in adults. Therefore, a sufficient and regular water supply is important for your health, for your general well-being, and for your beauty.

If you drink enough water, the fluid reservoir will be well replenished, and all body functions can work as intended. If, on the other hand, you forget to drink, you risk numerous physical complaints. So the fact is: water is healthy! But what many people don’t know: With warm water, you can make a very special contribution to your mental and physical balance. In this article, we have summarized 10 good reasons that explain why you should drink warm water every day.

Healthy nutrition is the trend – water intake is one of them

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We live in a time when many people are very careful about their diet. Junk food, sweets, and soft drinks rarely end up in the stomachs of many people, if at all. Instead, organic products, fruit, vegetables, whole grain products, and superfoods are more popular than ever. In principle, that’s a great trend.

However, there is a problem with this: Many supporters of healthy eating forget to deal with their drinking habits. In other words, you are drinking too little water overall. As a result, there is a frequent feeling of thirst. If the water intake is too low, there is also a risk of physical complaints. Therefore, as part of your healthy diet, you should also keep an eye on your drinking behavior and make sure to drink plenty of water every day.

How much water should it be every day?

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For some people, the advice is enough: drink 200 milliliters of water whenever you feel the first signs of thirst. But there are also people who have forgotten how to listen to their own feeling of thirst, so that they are only thirsty when the body is already severely dehydrated.

Therefore, it may be better to follow the following rule of thumb: drink 30 milliliters of water per pound of your body weight every day. So if you weigh around 60 kilos, you would have to drink around 1.8 liters of water a day. If you weigh 80 kilograms, you should ensure a fluid intake of around 2.4 liters per day.

Your need for water increases if you do a lot of exercises or sweat heavily in summer. Then it makes sense to drink more water. But you can also replenish your water balance with fresh fruit and vegetables, because they also contain plenty of fluids.

5 good reasons why warm or hot water is ideal for the body

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So you see: it is of enormous importance to drink a lot of water. According to the current state of knowledge, warm or hot water has proven to be particularly advantageous. Why is it like that? There are 10 good reasons for this :

You stimulate your digestion

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Drink warm water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to stimulate your metabolism and get your digestion going. The warm water causes the blood vessels to expand. The liquid quickly gets into the stomach and helps digest food there.

The advantage compared to cold water is that it does not have to be brought to a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius by the body. This costs a lot of energy in the morning, which you need for other activities.

The calorie-burning is improved

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You should also drink warm rather than cold water with meals in order to benefit from two advantages:

The warm water can dissolve and digest fats in the body better.
Hot water increases your body temperature slightly, which causes the veins and arteries to enlarge, so blood flow improves.
Muscles and tissues benefit from better blood circulation, and your body can also dissolve small fat deposits more quickly.

Warm water is perfect for detoxifying

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), if you are on a diet and want to detoxify your body, warm water is perfect, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The increased temperature helps to loosen and bind pollutants in the body more easily and thus flush them out of the body.

Natural remedies for colds and a stuffy nose

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Do you have a stuffy nose or a real cold? Even then, warm water is perfect! Liquid basically has an expectorant effect, but water at a higher temperature intensifies this effect. So it helps quickly to reduce the mucus in your nose. But bacteria and viruses from the throat and the gastrointestinal tract are reduced in number. You benefit from these advantages especially in autumn and winter during the cold season.

Pain is relieved

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The fact that warmth helps relieve pain is unlikely to be doubted. It is not without reason that you put a hot water bottle on your stomach when you have a stomach ache. It relieves cramps and has a relaxing effect. This relief also works with internal use, so warm water is the perfect drink for stomach aches. It is also said to help relieve headaches.


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