For most visitors, Dubai is just a short stop on the way to vacation. However, we would like to show you with our 5 top tips that the emirate of Dubai has much more to offer and that it is also worthwhile for a short vacation.

Sightseeing from the Burj Khalifa

Sightseeing From The Burj Khalifa 225x300

A trip in the super modern elevator to the platform of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world at over 820 m, is of course part of a Dubai vacation. The tickets for the driveway should definitely be ordered in advance, as otherwise long waiting times have to be expected, and you may not be able to get tickets at all on-site. Since the tickets are based on a fixed admission time, we recommend choosing the late afternoon, just before sunset. So there is the possibility to see Dubai from above in daylight, to enjoy a great sunset, and at the same time to experience how the evening slowly falls in Dubai. Since the famous water fountains at the foot of the Burj Khalifa are only switched on when it is dark, you can also experience this unique spectacle from above.

Shop until you drop in Dubai

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Dubai is great for shopping. In one of the largest shopping malls in the world, the Dubai Mall, everyone gets their money’s worth. A visit to the Mall of Emirates or one of the many smaller shopping malls is definitely worth it.

The small, traditional Arab markets, the so-called souks, are also interesting. In the Spice Souks, the Gold Souks, the Perfume Souks, or the Textile Souks, you can browse wonderfully, discover a lot, and, by the way, you can watch the locals bargaining.

Dubai by night

Dubai By Night 300x200

A very special picture presents itself to the visitors at night! The illuminated Burj Khalifa, the illuminated water fountains, the Burj Arab, or the illuminated artificial island “The Palm” is a wonderful sight.

Desert safari

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The terms desert, 1001 nights, and camel races can be mentioned in the same breath as Dubai. A desert safari is an essential part of a stay in Dubai. Depending on the time available, day trips or even overnight stays in the desert are offered. So that it doesn’t get boring in the desert, most camps offer sandboarding or quad biking. Until sunset across the dunes with the four-wheel-drive vehicle, and the desert turns fiery red before the sun disappears on the horizon. Then, it gets pretty fresh quickly – so be sure to pack a light jacket.

Combinations with Abu Dhabi or Oman

Combinations With Abu Dhabi Or Oman 300x200

A trip to the nearby capital of the UAE can easily be completed in one day.

Abu Dhabi is just as modern as Dubai – special sights are the famous Emirates Palace Hotel or the Sheikh Zayed Mosque or for all Formula 1 fans – the Yas Island with the race track and Ferrari World.

For a slightly longer tour, an overland trip to Oman is ideal. Hiking in the Jebel Shams or swimming and diving on the Oman coast – the country is full of surprises and definitely worth seeing.