You are by no means one of those people for whom it is already an adventure to leave the all-inclusive hotel complex for a trip or to try the real local cuisine in the holiday country? No, you want to experience a real adventure holiday with adrenaline rushes and borderline experiences! Great, because we have some tips here for a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. They guarantee you a unique vacation on land, air, and water – close by or on distant continents.

Safari adventure vacation: the Big Five up close

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Discover Africa’s expenses and steppes, get to know extremes, and look wild animals in the eye: A safari trip is an adventure vacation as it is written in the book. With our tip, you add a trace of thrill and, above all, an individual experience: On a walking safari, a guided walking safari, you get really close to the so-called Big Five elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, and leopard!

The best place for this exciting type of vacation is the Klaserie private nature reserve in the Kruger National Park. The 60,000 km² area is under special species protection. There is no mass tourism here. On a walking safari lasting several days, experienced bush connoisseurs will take you to amazing new natural and wildlife highlights every day. You either spend the night in tents or in small camps run by the organizers, which is a bit safer and more comfortable. One of the best local providers is Africa on Foot. The walking tours are spectacular, and you can even stay in a treehouse on your adventure vacation.

Vacation in the downhill frenzy: heli-skiing

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Are you more of the alpine sports type, but even the hunt for the fastest ski slopes is no longer an adventure holiday for you? Then watch out: Have you ever tried heli-skiing? Like James Bond, you rappel down on skis from a helicopter. You land directly on deserted natural slopes and whiz off straight away. Because of cross-country skiing – this is a real adventure holiday for real ski bunnies! Even if a guide with avalanche safety equipment is always there for safety.

The extreme sport became famous in Canada, it is also popular in the Alps and New Zealand. An insider tip to take the big leap is (still) the fabulous Iceland. The adventure-crazy team at Viking Heliskiing offers tours lasting several days, including overnight stays.

A hot trip: flight over the volcano

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Is skiing yesterday’s news and you want to experience a really hot adventure holiday? Then we recommend the proverbial ride on the volcano – or at least a flight over it. Almost nowhere will you come as close to an active volcano as Kīlauea on the Big Island, Hawaii, which has been spewing new lava every day since 1983. During a flight over these giants, for example with the courageous pilots of Hawaii’s Tours, you will experience an absolutely unique natural spectacle: Wide fields of fresh lava, which are still shining silvery in the sun, flow into the valley, and in the process, jungle trees kink like matches or collide roaring hiss with the sea! Extrathrill: A doors-off flight without doors where you can even smell the lava fire.

Freefall vacation: cliff jumping

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For one or the other, it may be an adventure when they jump from the 10-meter tower in the outdoor pool during their holidays. You can only laugh about that, of course. How about cliff jumping, the free, unsecured fall of natural rocks straight into the deep sea? We would be happy to show you that you don’t have to go to Acapulco for such a real adventure holiday, the most famous hotspot for cliff divers. The Greek island of Santorini is not only one of the most relaxed places in the world: It also offers considerable cliffs around the 10-meter limit.

Adrenaline junkies will also find what they are looking for on an adventure holiday on Mallorca. The rocks of the bay Cala Mondrago in a beautiful nature reserve offer perfect rocks for cliff jumping. There are now even snorkeling and driving tours that take you directly to the rocks in front of turquoise blue water by boat.

Not high enough? Then off to Portovenere in Italian Liguria: You can combine the adventure on the spectacular cliffs of the picturesque fishing village with the pleasures of Italian cuisine.

Adventure vacation with giants: kayak whale watching

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Canada, just the word makes you long for adventure vacations! Because Canada has pretty much everything, you could want adventure and extreme experiences. On top of that, the country scores with spectacular natural scenery: mountains, wilderness, grizzly bears, waterfalls, canyons – and whales! If a little splashing around with cute dolphins is really not exciting enough for you, we have the ultimate tip for a real adventure holiday with a close encounter with animals: paddling in a kayak between giant orcas!

The west of the country, especially Vancouver Island, is simply ideal for this. The sea giants overwinter here from May to October, and you can get close to them in large groups. There are also guided kayak tours from Telegraph Cove as a day trip or multi-day tour with an overnight stay on secluded coastal beaches. This is a really pure adventure vacation! Of course, the peaceful orcas don’t attack humans. A single stroke of the fin triggers huge waves, which you either defy in the kayak or even capsize. You can then recover from this with self-caught fish at the campfire, with the sea in front of you and Canadian jungles behind. What better setting for a dream vacation?