The best travel destinations in 2022 – at least in the first half of the year – are those that have a lot of nature and little crowds to offer. If the global situation improves next year thanks to the new vaccines, city trips may be an option again towards the end of the year. But at the moment, the most popular travel destinations are the islands, where strict security controls make it easier to control access. Whether you want to stay in Europe without going on a long-distance trip does not depend so much on the destination itself, but above all on whether you dare to take the long flight. Many popular vacation spots in the distance are already accessible again and will probably be so again next year.

Holiday destinations in Europe in 2021

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If you want to book your vacation in Europe in 2021, you should, above all, keep an eye on the islands, many of which can already be visited again now. But other, quiet travel destinations with lots of nature are also trendy.

The Canary Islands: the top travel destinations in Spain

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The Canary Islands never disappoint! With their 300 days of sunshine a year, their mild temperatures, their breathtaking landscapes, and an overwhelming range of tourism and leisure activities, they are the perfect travel destination all year round. Best of all, there are endless opportunities to enjoy nature activities that are easy and can be easily reached by rental car, as the road network is very well developed here. Whether in the El Teide National Park on Tenerife, the lunar landscapes of Lanzarote, the Tamadaba Nature Park on Gran Canaria, or the dunes of Corralejo in Fuerteventura the Canary Islands have been considered the best holiday destinations for holidays in nature.

Madeira and the Azores: the best vacation spots in Portugal

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The Portuguese islands of Madeira and the Azores are currently considered to be one of the safest travel destinations in Europe, and that is unlikely to change in the coming year. There is beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes to discover here. Especially on the island of Madeira, which is located a little further south, the climate is also wonderful (similar to the Canary Islands). The island is known as the flower island because of its blooming, and every year, the colorful flower festival and many other events take place here. But here too, one of the most important travel trends for 2022 applies above all: Enjoy pure nature!

Balearic Islands

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The Travelers’ love for the Balearic Islands, especially Mallorca, is unbroken. Although there are still restrictions here at the moment, the prospects for the next year are good, and many would like to book their holidays here in 2022 or have even already booked. Nobody needs to be told that the islands in the Mediterranean are a dream for nature lovers. If you want it a little quieter next year, you can perhaps consider a vacation in Menorca, the little sister of Mallorca, or discover Ibiza, far away from the party noise. For real hikers, however, Mallorca with the Serra de Tramuntana is still the classic at all.

Costa Rica: one of the most beautiful destinations in the world for nature vacations

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When there was still no word for it, people in Costa Rica were already relying on ecotourism, which is on everyone’s lips today. As a result, the country is now a green paradise with extensive national parks and other nature reserves where endangered animal species are at home and are actively protected. Costa Rica is a mecca for adventure vacations, surfers, hikers, and nature lovers in general. For many, it is the most beautiful travel destination in the world.

United Arab Emirates: Top Middle East Travel Destinations

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Anyone who is a die-hard city dweller and therefore does not want to venture into nature on vacation completely will find a great option for a vacation in 2022 in the United Arab Emirates. The advantage: you can perfectly combine a city trip with a beach and an active holiday here, as the beaches on the Persian Gulf are simply wonderful. If you like it a little quieter, you can also opt for the smaller emirate of Sharjah, which was previously only considered a cheaper alternative in the immediate vicinity of Dubai, but is now increasingly being discovered as a holiday destination in itself.