Junk food is one of the guilty pleasures of thousands of people, just thinking about it, what comes to mind is fat and calories; However, this does not have to be the case, because today there are various strategies to replace harmful foods with those that are really healthy and irresistibly delicious.

Tips to make junk food healthy

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The time has come for you to enjoy the pleasure of junk food without any guilt or remorse because we will give you all the tips so that you can make your preparations at home with simple, healthy, and exquisite ingredients.


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Burgers represent the most consumed junk food, and the mixture of flavors and ingredients makes it irresistible.

To turn a juicy burger into a healthy junk food, it will be very simple, you just have to get the idea that healthy ingredients are unpleasant out of your head, it’s all about how you combine them.

The first thing you should do is choose lean meat that has low fat content; you can also use turkey breast, chicken, and even a more chic presentation with seafood.

Now, if you want to try something completely new, you can go to legumes, these ingredients have a fat percentage that does not exceed 4%, they are also rich in iron, protein, fiber, and vitamins.

Prepare your hamburger filling in the oven. As for bread, a good option is to choose a wholemeal version combined with other ingredients, for example, wholemeal carrot or rye bread.

Use another variety of complements, not just lettuce, you can incorporate arugula, watercress, onion and tomato. You can use a plain yogurt-based dressing in place of the mayonnaise.


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It seems that a hamburger without fries is not complete. So, if you’ve already decided on a healthy hamburger version, the best thing is that the potatoes follow the same path.

In this case, a good option is to make them in the oven.

The procedure is more than simple; you only need to cut the potatoes into julienne strips, sprinkle them with salt, oregano, pepper, and a touch of garlic.

Drizzle a tray with a little olive oil and spread the potatoes, with a brush, you can spread a little of the same olive oil on them.

Bake them for half an hour at 250 degrees Celsius and voila, crispy and healthy potatoes.

Healthy pizza

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For pizza lovers, it’s time to turn this junk food healthy. The first thing you should do is use whole wheat flour for the dough. Substitute commercial tomato sauce for a homemade one, so you can avoid the use of colorants and additives.

As for cheese, if you want to do without it, no problem; If not, you can use a type of cheese that is low in fat. You can incorporate cooked turkey breast, corn, mushrooms, onion, even make it from vegetables, in this case, you can use cauliflower, mushrooms, turkey ham, and black olives.


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If we talk about sweets, donuts are the favorite desserts for many, and it is another of the junk foods with high sugar content.

You don’t have to stop eating them, you just have to make the ingredients of their preparation healthy. For this, instead of wheat flour, you can use oatmeal. You can also substitute the milk of its preparation for almond milk.


Image Source: Unsplash