Physical activity brings many benefits, from keeping an active body to being able to burn fat during exercise.

Obesity is a serious problem that mainly affects people in specific conditions, such as high-stress or sedentary lifestyles.

More than an aesthetic issue, the fight against obesity is linked to health. That’s why exercise can save lives. With that in mind, we created this content in which we present 6 exercises that most help you burn fat and how an outdoor gym can help achieve this goal. Look!

Ideal Exercises to Burn Fat

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To vary your exercise routine and burn abdominal fat while eliminating that which appears in other parts of the body, you need to practice them interspersed to increase the benefits.

But it is important to note that although there are estimates of calorie loss for each exercise, it can vary according to gender, weight, physical fitness, and activity intensity.

That said, check out the most effective exercises for burning fat below!


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One of the best known exercises is also among those that can help you lose fat quickly. Running at a steady, moderate pace sends calories and fat away.

You can burn 100 calories for every kilometer you run, which is a pretty good rate. Not to mention weight loss and improved aerobic capacity.

A good suggestion for not giving up on the goal of burning fat is to find one or more people to exercise with. So, one motivates the other, and everyone sticks to the same purpose.

Climb stairs

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As it couldn’t be different, the doctors’ advice is right: climbing stairs is great for physical conditioning and for eliminating fat. The muscles of the lower limbs are also worked on thanks to the constant lifting of the legs.

500 to 600 calories per hour can be burned when climbing stairs, a rate similar to running. But here we are talking about an exercise that uses more muscle and consequently results in a better silhouette.

The ladder simulator can be used as an alternative. Just use it for 30 seconds, then invest in a minute or two of active recovery exercises, such as walking or riding the stationary bike. You need to repeat ten to 15 sessions to enhance the act of burning fat.

Jump rope

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Anyone looking for methods to lose weight fast and is faced with the action of jumping rope may think that this is a game for children and young people. But know that the activity is quite powerful for weight loss.

To start with, you need to master the act of jumping rope quickly, in sessions of approximately two minutes. The arms should be almost still at the sides of the body, while the wrists are rotated to make the rope rotate.

The jumps should be low, just enough to get through the rope. On the other hand, Landing needs to be smooth so as not to harm the body’s joints, a process that can take a few days or weeks.

After that, there are High-Intensity Interval Training exercises, the famous HIIT, which can be done with the rope in order to burn fat and increase fitness. Challenges are tiring, but at the same time, effective and fun.

Riding a bicycle

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One of the biggest myths about exercise is that it has to be boring or very tiring. Proof of this is the act of cycling, possible both on streets and bike paths and on stationary equipment in gyms.

Many people turn to this fat-burning alternative because it can be practiced sitting down, which helps rest the back and body even while still moving.

Cycling intensely for an hour can burn up to 1,150 calories. More moderate workouts are also effective, as they are able to eliminate 675 calories in an hour.


Swimming 300x200

Swimming is a recommended activity for any audience. It is even among the best practices for seniors, as the water helps reduce friction and prevent injuries. Also, it helps a lot in calorie loss.

There are several swimming techniques such as crawl, backstroke, butterfly, and chest. Therefore, it is possible to choose the one that most pleases the practitioner. It is noteworthy that the expenditure of calories increases according to the number of muscles used and the intensity of the strokes and kicks.

It is possible to lose more than 800 calories in an hour of intense swimming and approximately 550 at a moderate pace. This makes exercise one of the best for burning fat, especially for those who have some kind of physical or mobility restriction.


Image Source: Unsplash