In October 2020, Emily Ratajkowski shocked the world with the beautiful news that she and her Sebastian Bear-McClard were expecting their first baby. During the months after her announcement, the beautiful model took the opportunity to share with her more than 27 million followers the change her body experienced during pregnancy, mainly the growth of her baby bump.

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Finally, on March 11, 2021, Emily published the first photo of her newborn in her arms, Sylvester Apollo Bear, who came to this world three days before the model shared this publication, on March 8, 2021.

In these first few months as a new mom, Emily has enjoyed beautiful days with her baby boy, whom she affectionately calls ‘Sly,’ from her intimate breastfeeding moments to her most recent getaway to the beach where Emily celebrated her 30th birthday.

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The beautiful model traveled to the paradisiacal white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of Turks & Caicos, where her little boy Sly had his first contact with the sea.

Emily took advantage of this vacation to show off her impressive body with a flat stomach, with which it causes it to be amazing to think that only three months ago, she was pregnant.

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In addition to posing with little Sly in a series of photos where they both share the same swimsuit print, Emily shared several photos of the looks with which she welcomed her 30 years.

In a beautiful yellow, orange and blue bikini with various rhinestone and ruffle details, evoking mermaid vibes, Ratajkowski showed her slender silhouette on the seashore.

She also posed in profile and showed her flat stomach while a beautiful sunset of orange tones perfectly matched her mermaid look.

On the official day of her birthday, June 7, Emily showed off her slim figure in a tight blue dress with colorful starfish made of crystals and colored rhinestones. This piece beautifully embraced her slim postpartum figure.

Finally, in a post of nine more photos, Emily took the last glimpse – so far – of this heavenly vacation with her family and friends.

Little Sly stars in three of these photos and mainly in the fifth, we can appreciate how happy Ratajkowski was to share these special moments with his baby.


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