If you want to get your body back in shape after pregnancy, you shouldn’t put yourself under pressure, but you should show a certain amount of discipline.

No question about it, pregnancy and childbirth are the most beautiful things a woman can experience. But in addition to the loving mother, we are also women, women who want to look attractive. In very few cases, a pregnancy will pass without a trace. There arise stretch marks and put extra weight on the breasts not being toned, and the thighs appear more like jelly. You really don’t have to be ashamed of this, but it is understandable that women want to have a handsome body again after giving birth. I’ll show you how to get problem areas under control again, but I advise you against wanting everything too quickly – in the first few months, it’s baby first!

Lose weight after giving birth

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Even if you want to fit back into your favorite jeans as quickly as possible, I advise against a crash diet. This knock-off action is unhealthy and counterproductive because it will not bring the success you want (yo-yo effect).

After giving birth, your body needs nutrients to recover from pregnancy, and your baby also needs energy, which you can supply with breast milk. So it is even advisable to have a few pounds on your ribs.

But don’t worry, you still have enough opportunities to lose weight after giving birth. To do this, you need discipline and a plan. A healthy diet and a certain amount of exercise are the most important building blocks. You should also:

  • Just set small goals for yourself
  • try to get as much sleep as possible
  • Avoid fast food, prefer to cook fresh
  • Use your baby’s sleep times and go for a walk with him or jog with the stroller
  • do not reach for the chocolate bar unconsciously – it is best not to leave sweets lying around at all
  • use workouts at home, there are enough apps and videos on YouTube

Maybe Leonie’s blog post – read on minimenschlein.de – will help you, who made it from size 42 to size 36 after giving birth by avoiding sugar and eating a low-carb diet. Once you’ve found your rhythm, losing weight almost works by itself.

Exercise the pelvic floor – flat stomach for free

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After the first birth, you may have fewer problems with the pelvic floor, but anyone who has become a mom several times knows the problem. One cough or even hopping and whoosh, unintentionally droplets go into your pants. Bladder weakness usually begins during pregnancy and lasts until after birth. You can remedy this with targeted pelvic floor exercises, and your stomach will be trained right away and consequently flatter and firmer.

3 pelvic floor exercises for at home

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Pelvic floor training – Exercise 1

Lie on your back on a mat and bend your legs.
Now lift your pelvis up, press your feet on the floor and tense your pelvis.
Hold the position and put your back down again. Repeat the exercise 3 to 5 times.

Pelvic floor training – exercise 2

Sit on a chair and put your feet on the floor. The legs are closed.
Now lift your legs off the floor with your knees bent.
Tense your buttocks and abdominal muscles and hold this position for as long as you can.
Depending on your stamina, you can repeat this exercise up to 10 times.

Pelvic floor training – exercise 3

The third exercise comes from the field of yoga. Kneel on the floor and support yourself with your palms.
“Push” your pelvic area forward while lifting your knees off the floor.
Stretch your buttocks up until your legs are straight.
Hold this position for about 20 seconds and repeat it at least 3 times.
As you can see, it is quite possible to get your body back into shape after pregnancy. All you have to do is divide up the time with your baby correctly (you can find out how to do this at swissmom.ch ) and have some stamina – then nothing stands in the way of the “old” figure.