You have certainly already stepped into a room that smelled wonderfully of sweet flowers or spicy woods. Fragrance lamps are very popular and provide a pleasant scent.

This ensures that we feel comfortable and can even put us in different moods.
But all-natural essential oils can do more than that. They not only enchant us with their intense aroma, but also have a healing effect on our body. Regardless of whether you use the oils for room fragrancing or essential oils for the skin, the effect of a good oil is quickly noticeable.

Essential oils and their uses

This Ensures That We Feel Comfortable And Can Even Put Us In Different Moods. 300x200

The power of natural ingredients in plants has been known for centuries. It was recognized very early on that the effect takes place through a selective application and can also have a holistic effect on the body.

Essential oils contain the entire essence of a plant. The purer the oil, the more valuable it is, and the more valuable the oil, the more effective it is – as is the case with coconut oil.

The use of aromatic oils depends on two factors, so you should definitely find out in advance how to use them.

Essential oils for external use

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Before using essential oils, it is essential to research which aroma is suitable for which purpose. On the other hand, the choice of the right oil is important and the appropriate dosage form.

There are oils that are not intended for consumption. The aroma that they give off in the room can be intensified by applying them to the skin. For example, essential oils that are supposed to help against coughs are often massaged into the soles of the feet. This gives you access to the organism and allows you to develop your full potential.

There are also oils that can be consumed by adults but not by children. Not all aromas are suitable as room fragrances in the presence of children.

In order to protect yourself, but also third parties, you should find out exactly which aroma you are treating with what and how the treatment should proceed.

This is how the essential oils work

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They contain pure plant power, but how do the oils develop their effect in our body?

Oils for external use

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Essential oils can work in or on the body in three ways and thus affect our health. The external application ensures that sensations of the skin – i.e., through a massage, sensation of warmth, or cold – stimulate our organism and absorb the essences of the oils.

Oils for internal use

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Oils that are used internally work directly in the body. For example, essential oils with a disinfecting effect can help relieve symptoms such as sore throats when swallowing.

Aromatherapy oils

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While not all-natural essential oils are suitable for oral ingestion or for rubbing in, aromatic treatment is possible with almost all types.

We perceive fragrances through our noses. Our synapses pass the information on to our brain. On the one hand, this can link certain memories with individual fragrances and thus ensure well-being. But the natural properties of the plant essences also positively influence people who inhale the aroma.

Mint aromas and citrus oils ensure that when you have a cold, for example, your nose swells a little, which in turn makes breathing easier. In this context, essential oils are often used for steam baths, enriched with one or two drops of high-quality oils.

Essential oils as accompanying therapy

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Natural essences can usually provide relief for small everyday complaints, but chronically ill people can also benefit from the power of plants.

You should discuss which essential oils strengthen the kidney function, the heart, or the liver with a naturopath who specializes in aromatherapy. An expert in this field is usually able to recommend special oil blends for cancer patients before, during, or after chemotherapy.

Aromatherapy: helping people to help themselves

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With high-quality fragrance oils, you can support your body’s natural healing process in the best possible way. In this way, you offer him the opportunity to fight complaints in a healthy way – without side effects and without chemicals.


Image Source: Unsplash