People can go blind on the glaucoma. Laser surgery or surgery can help. Sometimes medication is enough.

The green star is also called glaucoma. This refers to various eye diseases that are often not noticed for a long time. However, these damage the optic nerve, and the ability to see is impaired. In the worst case, the eye can go blind.

Both eyes can be affected by glaucoma, even with a delay. It is the number one cause of going blind. In Switzerland alone, around 200 people lose their sight every year because of this disease. Over 80,000 people across the country suffer from this disease.

Green Star: The Treatment

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In a large number of patients diagnosed with glaucoma, the disease can be treated with medication. These agents lower intraocular pressure.

This prevents damage to the optic nerve. If these drugs no longer help or cannot be administered for any reason, there is no avoiding surgery or laser surgery.

Even if a glaucoma can be treated, there is no way of undoing the damage caused by it. This means: an optic nerve that has already been damaged cannot be healed.

A glaucoma is very insidious. Sufferers often fail to notice that they have glaucoma, as a glaucoma is also called, until the optic nerve is already damaged.

So quick action is required here. Be it in the first step with medication. But if these no longer help, surgery.

Operate glaucoma

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During the operation, a kind of catheter is placed, which ensures that the eye water can drain off and that there is no overpressure. This can prevent the glaucoma from progressing. The operation is carried out on an outpatient basis.

As long as you can take the medication in the form of eye drops that lower the intraocular pressure sufficiently, surgery or laser surgery is usually not necessary.

Around 80 percent of all people who suffer from glaucoma are treated with eye drops. Only when these medications do not or no longer provide sufficient relief, an intervention is inevitable to prevent damage to the optic nerve.

Early Detection

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From the age of 40, an examination for the early detection of glaucoma is recommended. Intraocular pressure should be checked every three years, every year, or every two years from the age of 65.

The examination for early detection includes:

an eye test
the measurement of intraocular pressure
Reflection of the fundus
Check the visual field for a suspected glaucoma


When do I have to go to the ophthalmologist?

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You should have your eyes checked regularly. Even if you notice a deterioration in your eyesight, a visit to a specialist is inevitable. He/she can make the appropriate diagnosis.

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