Mosquito repellants work by hiding the smell of the skin to keep these insects away, thus avoiding bites. It is advisable to use it whenever you are outdoors, much more in areas near stagnant waters, and especially in the middle of the morning and at dusk during the summer.

How do mosquito repellants work?

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Repellents are natural or chemical substances that act, as their name indicates, repels these insects. What attracts mosquitoes to their prey is the smell of skin. These lotions work by hiding this smell with another much more intense and unpleasant aroma. Unlike insecticides or pesticides, repellants don’t kill mosquitoes; they just keep them away to avoid getting bitten.

Why is it necessary to use a mosquito repellent?

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Mosquitoes are insects that bite the skin. These not only cause discomforts such as inflammation and itching, but in children and the elderly, they can have more serious consequences and the injuries and infections that scratching can cause.

Also, some people are allergic to the proteins found in mosquito saliva. This can cause what is known as “Skeeter syndrome.” The bites become inflamed and very painful due to an immune response. This is why it becomes very necessary to use mosquito repellent to avoid the bites of these insects and their consequences.

When is it necessary to use mosquito repellent?

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It is necessary to use mosquito repellent at the time of year, the places, and times when these insects are most active, for example, during the summer since this is the preferred season for mosquitoes.

In addition, there are usually more mosquitoes in places where humidity levels are high, and there is stagnant water, so if you are walking, camping, or doing some activity around a lake, for example, it will be necessary to use repellent.

The time when mosquitoes are most active is during mid-morning and at night, so these are the times of the day when repellent is most needed.

How to correctly apply a mosquito repellent?

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For mosquito repellants to be more effective, it is important to learn how to apply them correctly. Even so, it must always be borne in mind that the effect and efficiency of repellants vary from person to person.

Care must be taken that the repellent substances do not come into contact with the mucous membranes. In addition, it should not have contact with irritated skin, wounds, and burns.

If an aerosol repellent is to be used, a minimum distance (approximately 15 cm) must be maintained between the container and the skin so that the application is more efficient. Spraying should be done with slow movements, from side to side. A repellent spray should never be used on your face. A repellent cream is better for this part of the body.

The application must be uniform over all the skin that is exposed. Don’t forget your elbows and ankles. In places where there are a lot of mosquitoes, and these insects are very active, it is best also to apply the repellent spray on clothing to keep them away. After applying the repellent, wash your hands properly with soap and water.