Detoxing helps the body naturally remove accumulated or deposited toxins. We absorb toxic or harmful substances through the air we breathe, our food, drinks, or swimming in the sea, as we do with chemicals in clothing, at work, or in the seats in vehicles.

Every day our bodies are bombarded with harmful substances, some of which are deposited and accumulated in tissue, cells, blood, or bones. However, there are ways to detoxify at home to get rid of these pollutants.

Your most important partners in this are the liver, kidneys, and intestines. These organs must motivate you to eliminate these toxins and thus restore your fitness and health.

Eat Strictly Organic

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The main cause of toxin build-up in the body is the consumption of spicy fried or grilled, processed, refined, and packaged foods.

Excessive oil, salt, and sugar act as toxins or encourage them to be deposited in the body. The result is health problems without a direct disease being diagnosed.

In addition, there are fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides, drugs administered to fattening animals, or contaminated substances that have otherwise found their way into the food.

Since the human body can only excrete a certain amount of toxins per day, you should adhere to a strict organic diet.


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Plenty of Water Plenty of water helps the body purify and detoxify. The daily amount should be around three times the normal intake, i.e., around 4 to 5 liters.


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Any physical activity improves your fitness and health, and stimulates your cells, which are better able to get rid of toxins into the bloodstream. In this way, the toxins get to the liver, where they are sorted out and discharged.

Support detoxification with tea

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There are a number of plants whose detoxifying effect is medically undisputed. These include, for example, nettles, dandelions, and exotic species such as ginger or ginseng.

Drink detox tea throughout the day to help your organs work.


How can I protect myself from toxins?

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You can drastically reduce the intake of toxins, eat more consciously and with products from purely organic production. Do without:

– Fast food

– ready meals

– alcohol

– tobacco

– any kind of drug

– on medication, as well as possible

It also makes sense to wear a protective mask in endangered places, for example, in industrial areas or in the car during rush hour or in a traffic jam.


How can I find out whether I am contaminated with environmental toxins?

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A wide variety of tests are offered that can be used to verify toxic exposure. However, these are not always very precise or meaningful at all.

An actual exposure to toxins can be carried out by a doctor, who has the blood, urine, and possibly bone marrow examined by a laboratory. However, such an examination is only covered by the health insurance in very rare cases.

What should I do if the home detox doesn’t work?

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If a toxic load on the body is proven, but your health is not improving by conventional means, massive medical procedures can be a solution.

The cells and in particular the bone tissue are forced to release stored toxins into the bloodstream using drugs.

This can result in acute symptoms of poisoning, which is why in severe cases, hospitalization is necessary. This is mostly unavoidable, especially in the case of intoxication with heavy metals.


Image Source: Unsplash