After buying airline tickets and just before leaving, comes the most complicated part of the trip: packing your bags. If you have difficulty organizing your luggage, follow our tips and see how to make this task uncomplicated. You will be able to use this simple and practical step-by-step on all your travels from now on!

Choose practical and matching pieces

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Before anything, it is necessary to think about the duration of the trip, the style of travel, and the climatic conditions of the destination at the time of your tour. Those who travel to visit the family, for example, do not need very sophisticated pieces – one or two pieces of this type are welcome at dinners or at special parties. The same goes for those who go to the beach or are going to do ecotourism activities.

Considering this, it is also worth choosing practical clothes that do not crumple too much and that guarantee the greatest number of possible combinations. Joker, the jeans can be used several times with different shirts. So, instead of 4 jeans, why not two?

The same goes for shorts, skirts, and heavy jackets, which do not need to vary much. When choosing shoes and accessories, the same thing: always opt for versatile pieces, which can be used more than once.

Remember all the flights you will be making, as some airlines charge extra for checked volume – sometimes the bag allowed on the domestic flight is not allowed on the international flight and vice versa.

Choose the right suitcase

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After choosing clothes and accessories, choose the best suitcase. It must meet national or international standards (depending on your country or city of destination) and be safe to ship.

Try to find luggage that fits the amount of clothing you are taking with ease, so you don’t have to worry about space for souvenirs and souvenirs on your return trip. Taking a suitcase bursting with so many clothes is not nice even for your own safety: the way you handle luggage, the suitcase can even open on the conveyor belt because it is so full!

Make a checklist

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Some things can not be missing in your suitcase, so remember nothing, both when you leave and when you return, make a list of all the items that should be carried with you. With everything noted, it will be easier to check that you have not left anything behind when closing the suitcase for the last time before returning home.

Making a list also serves to not forget basic things, such as camera, cell phone, chargers, and personal care products. Relating the number of underwear and socks, for example, is another important measure to keep in mind.

Organize your suitcase

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Probably the most complicated step, organizing the suitcase does not have to be a very difficult task. Just put towels and shoes on the bottom and go with the lighter pieces. Shirts and dresses that crumple easily should always be the last items to put on.

To save space, wear closed shoes to put socks and underwear inside and separate the pairs in small plastic bags. In the side luggage pockets, place accessories, such as belts and scarves.

Another possibility to make the suitcase spacious is to separate personal care products and cosmetics in handbags. Regarding shampoos, creams, and conditioners, the tip is to buy smaller packages or separate small quantities into small pots. Electronics and documents must always be accessible, so they must also be separated in backpacks or smaller bags.

If the trip is made during the winter and to another cold place, the suggestion is to put on heavier coats and wear bigger shoes, like boots. Thus, they do not hinder the storage of other smaller items.


Image Source: Unsplash