Panic attacks are defined as very intense fears or fears that occur suddenly and can last from minutes to hours. Some strategies help relieve panic attacks, such as breathing into a paper bag, practicing relaxation techniques, or drinking some natural herbal tea.

Tips to ease panic attacks

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Those people who have suffered panic attacks, always have the fear that the crisis will appear at any time, that is why anxiety increases at the idea of ​​being alone. If you are one of these people, follow the following tips so that you can get on your way to a prompt resolution.

Use a paper bag

It is one of the oldest and most well-known techniques, however it must be understood that it will not help in the long term.

The procedure is very simple, when you start to feel the panic attack, take a paper bag and place your mouth and nose inside, then take ten inhalations and exhalations, remove the bag from your face and breathe normally for a few 10 to 15 seconds to repeat the procedure with the bag.

The paper bag helps the moment, as it allows the intense hyperventilation to diminish by slowing down breathing.

Do activities to release stress

Panic attacks have been proven to stem from stress and anxiety, so it’s best to work on both.

Performing outdoor activities such as physical exercise, cycling, swimming, yoga, meditation, among others, allows the release of endorphins and reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress.

Consume vitamins

Vitamin B6 and vitamin B contribute to emotional stability; it has been shown that their consumption reduces irritability, anxiety, fatigue, and restlessness that usually lead to panic attacks.

The consumption of vitamins can be done through food or through over-the-counter vitamin supplements as long as you have confirmed their consumption with your doctor.

Medicinal plant tea

Thanks to their benefits and properties, there are plants that are ideal to combat or reduce the appearance of anxiety attacks.


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Valerian is one of the best medicinal alternatives because its properties act directly on the central nervous system.

It is also recommended for those who suffer from nervous palpitations as it helps stabilize the heart rate.

It is recommended to take two infusions a day.


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It is ideal for falling asleep, calms, relaxes, and contributes to depression.


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Ginseng is recognized for its great properties that improve depressive states; it also has anxiolytic properties.

Orange leaves:

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They are ideal to counteract nerve problems, usually a very simple infusion of two orange leaves for each cup of boiling water is prepared.

If you suffer from panic attacks, do not forget to first consult a specialist in order to find the cause of this condition, once the specific treatment has been established, you can make use of any of the alternatives described and contribute to your improvement.


Image Source: Unsplash