It is well known that breakfast is one of the main meals of our day, it represents that recharge of energy when we wake up and that it is necessary to fulfill our activities; Thus, including fruits in breakfast is of great help because they are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals and water that favor the functions of our body, as well as being ideal for any age group.

When to eat fruit for breakfast?

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Given the composition of fruits, it is of great benefit for the body to enjoy their nutritional contributions first thing in the day.

However, studies have indicated that the best time to eat fruit is on an empty stomach, that is, before consuming the rest of breakfast.

The answer to this is very simple, if you consume fruit on an empty stomach, they will go directly to the small intestine, where they finally release their sugars.

The opposite happens if you eat other foods with fruit, such as carbohydrates, fats, or starches; in this case, the fruit ferments in the stomach, and its nutrients are not enjoyed, as it is not enough to fulfill its benefits.

Is it good to eat only fruit for breakfast to lose weight?

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Those who want to lose fat and have decided to eat only fruits for breakfast are making a serious mistake.

It has already been mentioned that fruits are rich in fiber, minerals, water, and high fructose-type sugars.

If you decide to eat a single fruit especially after training, it will not represent a problem; Now, if you consume a tray or cocktail of various fruits that exceeds an ideal portion (a cup or what is equivalent to the fist of your closed hand) and also combine it with other foods such as honey, granola or yogurt, without a doubt you are exceeding the amount of sugar in the first thing in the morning.

So, for those who want to lose fat to lose weight, having more than one serving of fruits for breakfast is not recommended since sugar is considered the enemy in these cases; specialists recommend that after training you eat a balanced breakfast with some fat, protein and some complex carbohydrate.

If you still prefer only fruit, remember that you should not exceed one serving to achieve your goals.

What are the best fruits to include for breakfast?

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If you are already clear that you are going to include fruits in your breakfast or that you want to consume them before having breakfast, it is best that you know which are the most indicated.

Tangerine and orange are ideal for being rich in antioxidants thanks to their citrus character. Grapefruit is a rich source of folic acid.

Many thanks prefer pineapple to its anti-inflammatory and diuretic action.

Kiwi is ideal to combat constipation. Bananas (plantains or bananas) are a rich source of potassium, ideal against muscle cramps.

The apple prevents cardiovascular diseases, and the watermelon is ideal to hydrate us, especially after exercising.

So, remember that the best way to consume the fruit to take advantage of its benefits is on an empty stomach or a few minutes before having breakfast; If you are looking to lose fat, it is not recommended to have more than one serving of fruits for breakfast.


Image Source: Unsplash