Pistachio is one of the best known nuts, its size and characteristic flavor make it the favorite of many; In addition, its consumption offers great benefits to the body, among which are its healthy fat content, its content of vitamins that favor the skin, its valuable fiber content, among others.

Pistachio properties

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If you have heard of this dried fruit and have tried it a few times, it is time for you to know the benefits that its consumption offers for your body.

Health contributions

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Among the pistachio content, good fats, folic acid, and fiber stand out, without a doubt, the intake of these nutrients allows blood cholesterol levels to be kept under control.

The regular consumption of pistachio (between 30-50 gr) combined with other nuts, protects the heart from diseases, as it is rich in Omega 3 and 6 and lacks cholesterol.

Its high fiber content notably favors intestinal transit, thus reducing constipation.

Performance at the sexual level is also favored with the consumption of pistachios, all thanks to its content of fibers, healthy fats, antioxidants, and certain proteins.

Its potassium and magnesium content help reduce stress so that blood pressure remains at healthy levels; in the same way, potassium is of great benefit to have healthy teeth.

Its consumption is not restricted to diabetic patients, on the contrary, it has great benefits to the health of those people with this condition thanks to its contribution of beta-carotene, fiber, and procyanidins ideal to prevent the appearance of metabolic syndrome.

Contributions to beauty

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Did you think that eating pistachios did not benefit your beauty? Well, now you will know that yes.

The skin is completely favored with the consumption of pistachios, this is due to its rich content of antioxidants such as gamma-tocopherol and Vitamins A, E, and B2.

The action of these substances is to delay the aging of cells.

If you want healthy, beautiful hair, pistachio oil is a great moisturizer.

Benefits to maintain height and weight

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In those low-calorie diets, the consumption of pistachios has become of great help to reduce the muscle mass index (IMS), thanks to the fact that they are free of cholesterol.

Consuming pistachios often allows a feeling of satiety so that the person avoids overeating. People who eat pistachios regularly are less likely to suffer from the dreaded obesity.

For athletes, it has become a food with a great nutritional contribution thanks to its content of phosphorus, vegetable proteins, potassium, magnesium, Omega 3, and 6.

Culinary uses of pistachio

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Some only consume pistachios as they normally consume the rest of the nuts, however, the pistachio can be incorporated in very simple culinary recipes.

There are pistachio-based creams and ice creams that are to the liking of adults and children.

The finely chopped pistachios can be incorporated into salads, yogurt, soups, pasta, or hamburgers, this will give it a very pleasant particular flavor. Pistachio flour is used to prepare sweet recipes such as cakes, donuts, cookies, and other desserts.


Image Source: Unsplash