The third season of Elite forced us to say goodbye to characters who have won our hearts since 2018: Lucrecia, Carla, Nadia and Polo. Their respective actors, Danna Paola, Ester Exposito, Mina El Hammani and Álvaro Rico, said goodbye to the series in 2020 and broke our hearts to think that we would no longer see them in Las Encinas.

However, the fourth season came with surprises and among them was that the goodbye that we gave to several of these characters apparently was not forever.

Do Lu and Carla date in season 4 of ‘Elite’?

Do Lu And Carla Date In Season 4 Of 300x201

The Short Stories that were released before the official launch of the fourth season of Elite shocked us with the return of Carla and Nadia on the screen and also broke our hearts by the null mention of Lucrecia, who at the end of the third season was supposed that he was going to be on an exchange in New York with Nadia but never showed up.

With this new information, we enter the fourth part of Elite with the certainty that Carla and Lucrecia will no longer be in Las Encinas. However, when we finally believed we had accepted their absence, the first episode awakened our hope again with a brief appearance of the characters … or so we believed for a moment.

During the presentation of Benjamín Blanco (Diego Martín) as the new director of the exclusive school, we can see that behind Samu and Omar are seated, Lu and Carla?

We know that like Lucrecia and Carla, there are not two. However, the Elite production seems to have insisted on showing us two Las Encinas students who are very similar to them. While the dark-haired girl boasts a diadem like those that characterized Danna Paola’s character, the young blonde has a physique extremely similar to that of the Marchioness, who could even be her sister or twin.

Despite coming out in the background, as ‘extras’ in this assembly, the appearance of Lu and Carla’s clones is not brief. Their time on screen is enough to thrill us to think that they always did return to Las Encinas and immediately break all our illusions when we realize that it is not really about Lucrecia and Carla.

We don’t really know what the purpose of the appearance of Lu and Carla’s doppelgängers was. Perhaps it was just a way to honour his characters or to show that his time at Las Encinas was such that they impacted younger generations who now emulate his style. However, we know that his clones only moved and broke the hearts of many fans.


Image Source: IMDb