Visiting the Paris museums is one of the many possibilities for memorable tours that tourists find in the French capital.

One of the most visited destinations not only in Europe, but in the whole world, the city has more than a hundred cultural attractions that lead its visitors to different times and places.

Get ready to discover the best Parisian museums! We have separated a list with the main spaces, useful information, and tips to include them in your itinerary.

Paris Museums: find out which are not to be missed in your itinerary!

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Paris is one of the most charming European capitals, destination of millions of tourists each year, and many attractions to visit – it is possible that a trip is not enough.

Cidade Luz is an amusement park for fans of art, culture, and history, with several museums scattered throughout its streets and neighborhoods.

In any visitor’s itinerary, one place is unanimous: the Louvre Museum, considered the most famous museum in the world. And there are still other incredible places to see.

The Pompidou and the Musée D’Orsay are among the main museums in Paris. There are also great free alternatives for a cultural immersion in history, such as Carnavalet, which travels through the city’s past.

If you have doubts about what to do in Paris, you can be sure that the museums will make your tour of the French capital much more interesting and unforgettable!

How old is the city of Paris?

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When it comes to history and art, Paris is a little lady who lived a lot and went through humanity’s main moments and movements.

Founded as Lutécia, in the year 52 BC, it changed its name in the 4th century, between the years 357 and 366. There are more than 2 thousand years of history of this place on the banks of the River Seine.

With so many influences and events, it is natural that it is a place of great cultural wealth.

For its sights and architecture, Paris can already be considered an open-air art gallery – but the presence of museums and their diversity of subjects contributed even more to the City of Light being seen as an artistic reference worldwide.

How many museums are there in Paris?

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To visit all the museums in Paris, it will take months and many hours wandering between rooms and galleries.

The French capital has about 130 museums that are spread across its districts.

From an administrative point of view, they are divided between national, municipal, and private museums.

The subjects told by their collections are quite varied: history, science, art, architecture, anthropology, fashion, and even perfumes are among the themes presented.

Top museums in Paris

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In Paris, some museums are on the French capital’s list of best attractions and receive a large volume of tourists.

Know what they are and know a little bit of what the experience in these places will provide.

the Louvre Museum
D’Orsay Museum
Georges Pompidou Center
Rodin Museum
Quai Branly Museum
Musée de l’Orangerie


Image Source: Unsplash