In general, practically all European countries are considered safe travel destinations for women traveling alone. But there are a few special highlights here especially for holidays in the sun.

Andalusia, Spain

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Influential travel bloggers Asher & Lyric ranked the best and worst countries for women based on a number of criteria. Spain landed in the first place from all countries in the world! Is that surprising? Not really. In this ranking, pure safety factors such as robbery rates and the like were taken into account and general indicators of equality and the status of women in society. And Spain can score here! The country experienced rapid development after the end of the dictatorship and today has one of the most active women’s movements in Europe and one of the most progressive legislation. And so it is not surprising that Spain has a particularly large number of safe travel destinations for women traveling alone. During a holiday in Andalusia, for example, you can enjoy the perfect beach and sun combine with culture and city trips. You can explore enchanting cities like Seville, Granada, or Cádiz on your own.

Canary Islands, Spain

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The Canary Islands are another perfect destination in Spain if you want to vacation alone as a woman. They are the ideal place if you really want to switch off and find yourself. The Canary Islands are not only blessed with a wonderful climate all year round, but are also considered places of strength from which you can return from your vacation with completely new energy. The perfect destination for a stress-free wellness holiday all to yourself.

Lisbon, Portugal

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In the ranking mentioned above, Portugal landed “only” in seventh place, but in second place among the southern European countries and thus also has excellent and safe travel destinations for women traveling alone. The capital Lisbon is by the sea, so you can combine a city and culture trip with sun and sand. As with all large cities, the normal caution is of course required here, which you should bring with you everywhere, especially if you want to travel alone as a woman. In general, you can explore the city on your own, especially during the day. The best way to do this is to choose a well-connected hotel in Lisbon.

Madeira, Portugal

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Another excellent destination for women in Portugal is the flower island of Madeira. It is a paradise for nature lovers and attracts excellent hiking trails, of which the shorter and easier ones can also be done very well on your own. Of course, if you travel alone as a woman, it is best to join a group for longer hikes, better safe than sorry. But in general, the island is considered a very quiet and safe travel destination.