Many of us know the problem: wearing the mask often causes pimples and blemishes on the skin areas – But what helps against it?

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The mouth-nose protection has become part of our everyday companion. But although we have become very accustomed to wearing the mask, every now and then it presents us with little problems: Not only do we sometimes sweat quite a bit underneath it, our makeup runs, our glasses fog up or other mistakes happen; taking the mask with us can also be a challenge for many. However, small pimples and skin problems that we usually get from the mask are particularly annoying. We have compiled what really helps in this case!

1. Wear Masks Made Of Cotton

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Many currently suffer from small pimples and impurities in the mouth and chin area. In some cases it can already help to use a different material and wear a cotton mask instead of a synthetic one. Cotton is not only more comfortable than cheap synthetics; it also absorbs moisture, which evaporates a little later. Here, the moisture does not accumulate as quickly as with other materials, which means that pimples are less likely to occur due to sweat and breath

The next measure should also not be underestimated…