Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter – exercise in the fresh air is always a good idea if you want to do something for your health and fitness and also want to reduce stress at the same time . Find out here why outdoor sports are so healthy and with which outdoor sports you can make a particularly valuable contribution to your physical and mental health.

6 healthiest outdoor sports
Jogging & running

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Running is the easiest outdoor sport for beginners. You don’t need expensive equipment – just a good pair of running shoes – and no special environment is required. No matter where you live: you can jog anywhere. This sport helps you to be more balanced and relaxed in everyday life and to reduce stress.

In addition, running has numerous other positive effects on your health. More and more effective defense cells are formed, so that viruses and bacteria no longer have such an easy game due to the strengthened immune system. If you jog regularly in the great outdoors, you are no longer so susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.


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Cycling is a joint-friendly sport, with which you can train your musculoskeletal system at the same time. Both beginners and overweight people are well advised to step on the pedals and cycle in the fresh air. You can gently improve your stamina and intensively train your buttocks, thighs, and lower back muscles on the bike.

You also make a valuable contribution to the health of your heart by cycling: stepping on the pedals stimulates blood circulation, increases the heart’s stroke volume, and increases the blood volume. The heart becomes more efficient in the long term with regular cycling.

Mountain biking

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Are you bored of normal cycling, and are you looking for a sport that offers a little more action? Then give it a try with mountain biking. This trains your fitness without putting too much strain on the joints. In addition, mountain biking promotes a sense of coordination, balance, and concentration.

You can determine the difficulty yourself by choosing the route, which is why this sport is suitable for beginners and advanced riders. You can start by driving only on dirt roads to gain experience before you venture on difficult stretches, for which you will also need appropriate protective clothing. The fun factor is high in any case.

Nordic walking

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Another outdoor sport that is particularly aimed at beginners is Nordic walking. Here, too, the body is trained evenly and gently. In contrast to normal jogging, however, almost the whole body is strengthened and invigorated. This also applies to the upper body.

In addition, the joints are not as stressed as when running properly. Because of the sticks, Nordic Walking is also perfect for the transitional seasons because they provide more support on slippery surfaces. This significantly reduces the risk of injury.


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Are you looking for a sport that is easy on the joints and would like to enjoy great views and beautiful landscapes at the same time? Then hiking is perfect for you. Here you exert yourself moderately but continuously, which activates fat burning. If you hike regularly, this will also positively affect your cholesterol and blood lipid levels.

If you are already well trained in hiking, you can then increase your demands bit by bit and try your hand at mountain hikes. The energy consumption can be almost doubled again. If you love scavenger hunts as a child, you can now try geocaching as an adult. This is also perfect for families because children like to take part.

Inline skating

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Inline skating is also a long-running favorite among the trend sports for the outdoors. Especially if you like to go ice skating in winter, you will love inline skating in summer. Your body slides evenly, which strengthens your condition and burns calories. You move your whole body in a variety of ways and therefore train different muscle groups. In particular, the abdominal, leg, gluteal and back muscles are strengthened. It is important to pay attention to the right technique. Then inline skating is also easy on your knee joints. Since you have to concentrate on the track while inline skating, you can turn off your head. In this way, you also reduce stress at the same time.