After two seasons, it seems as if we are barely scratching the surface of all the mysteries that surround the story of The Umbrella Academy.

Reginald’s real motive for forming a superhero team and the origin of the Hargreeves brothers’ powers are some of the unanswered questions that are expected to be cleared up in season three.

But the biggest mystery is the origin of The Handler, and one theory claims that it could be one of the 43 girls who, for some unknown reason, obtained superpowers.

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In both the comics and the series, it is made clear that in addition to the Hargreeves brothers, there were 36 other boys and girls with superpowers who were born on the same day and at the same time.

Despite the efforts of millionaire scientist Reginald Hargreeves to adopt as many children with superpowers as possible, he was only able to locate seven of them.

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That is why the fate of most of the remaining 36 children is a complete mystery.

After going through fierce training and attending Reginald’s funeral, the Hargreeves encountered a powerful enemy: the Commission.

The Commission is an organization that is in charge of supervising the good passage of time and space, to ensure that all events happen as they have to.

The leader of that team is The Handler, who seems to be a normal person except for the fact that he has survived several attacks, and although he attributed it to a metal plate that could prevent death after a shot in the head, he has certain characteristics that make you doubt your true identity.

It is believed that it could be one of the girls with powers born on October 1, 1989, like Vanya or Allison. Despite its antagonism in the series, everything in The Handler is a complete mystery.

It is unknown where he comes from, his age, how he joined the Commission, or his true intentions.

The only sure thing with her is that she is a person who likes power, and is capable of anything to keep what she has and achieve more.

One possible evidence that The Handler is the “sister” of the members of The Umbrella Academy is that in season 1 she managed to stop time, apparently without any device to help her.

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If the higher ranks of the Commission had access to these kinds of gadgets, they would surely have used it to prevent Cinco from assassinating them, as happened in season 2.

The Handler appears to be older than the Hargreeves brothers, but does not detract from the theory since many appear a different age, especially those who traveled in time.

When the Hargreeves traveled to 1960, they fell at different times, so the brothers are no longer the same age, and Cinco himself is several decades older than his peers, although he may not seem so.

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The Handler’s powers could be to stop time and cell regeneration, due to his miraculous survival to a headshot.

It is possible that, as happened with Cinco, The Handler has caught the attention of the Commission, and some high command recruited it.

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The Handler, aware of the existence of the other children with powers, felt an enormous interest in Five, since together with Lila, he wanted to form his own team of people with powers, for a purpose still unknown.

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