Moving a watercraft using human muscle power is a tough job.

Muscle groups in the legs, arms, torso, and back are trained when rowing.

Sport on the water can still be done in old age, because the fluid movements are very gentle on the joints.

Promoting health through rowing

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The sport of rowing increases general fitness and wellbeing. Aquatic training puts the upper and lower body under particularly good stress. Numerous muscle groups have to work together to propel the boat forward. Endurance and strength increase after just a few units.

If the whole body training is done regularly, you will be able to develop new strength quickly. Exercise breaks down stress hormones and releases happiness hormones. In addition, rowing offers an entertaining pastime in the fresh air, which catapults the team spirit to a new level when done in a team.

More fitness through water sports

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Rowing uses over 80 percent of the muscles. Most of the strength comes from the legs and upper body. The arms only contribute 10 percent.

The movements are flowing and therefore, gentle on the joints. The risk of injury in this sport is low.

Rowing can strengthen the cardiovascular system and gradually increase endurance and strength. Increasing the stroke frequency trains endurance, a little more resistance, on the other hand, ensures more strength.

Treating back pain with sport on the water

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Rowing is very gentle on the joints, as no hard blows hit your own mechanical connections. Office jobs in particular are poison for the spine because of the sitting work at the computer.

If you have back problems, rowing is the ideal sport to help relieve pain in that area.

The various movements strengthen the muscles in the torso and back and stabilize the spine. It’s not just the outer fibers that have to do work. Exercising on the water or on a rowing machine also strengthens the deep muscles.

A sport to lose weight

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Another advantage of the sport is the high calorie consumption. Compared to other endurance sports, rowing is a real weight-loss exercise. Exercising the different muscle groups uses up a lot of energy.

When you exercise at a normal intensity, you burn around 400 to 600 kilocalories an hour. More demanding practice hours can sometimes consume twice as much. The next meal can be hearty with it. However, a balanced and healthy diet is no substitute for rowing.

When are you too old to row?

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There is no age limit for rowing. The whole body training can be done by young and old. Due to the low risk of injury and the movements that are gentle on the joints, nothing stands in the way of sports on the water, even beyond the age of 70.

What do you have to consider when rowing?

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Rowing should be done with flowing movements so that the joints are not particularly stressed. Do the sport at an intensity that you can sustain for a while.

The effectiveness of the training also depends on the sitting position and a good distribution of force between the legs and arms.

Where can I row

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You can do sports at home with a rowing machine. Rowing on the water is much healthier, however, as a better supply of oxygen is guaranteed and exercise in the fresh air contributes to greater wellbeing.

You can also join a club and do rowing as a team. A boat rental can also be used.


Image Source: Unsplash