Have you ever noticed that? Every slip has a little pocket. But what is it actually good for? We Will explain it to you:

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Bra, briefs and co.

They are our daily companions: panties in all shapes and colors. Whether thong, hipster or “granny slip” – there is the right underwear for every figure and every taste. But what is the little “pocket” in the briefs actually for?

Have you ever noticed that little piece of fabric that is sewn into your underwear and forms a kind of “pocket”? Maybe you’ve never given it much thought. After all, it’s not the biggest pocket; you might be able to carry a lipstick or tampon in it, but it probably wouldn’t be all that comfortable. Still, the pocket is present in every brief, so it must serve some useful function. But which one?

First of all, this “pocket” has a name and is called a “gusset.” In the past, this little scrap of fabric could be found in numerous garments; today, however, it is mostly used only in underwear and jackets. And for what? Find out what the gusset does on the next page!