Wild animals in Africa, dazzling pop culture in Asia, fantastic fairy tale worlds in South America – find out which travel destinations are ideal for families with children!

Here we present you the best travel destinations for families with children, handpicked by our experts – who are parents themselves and therefore professionals in understanding, connecting, and reconciling the needs of young and old! These family-friendly holiday destinations are ideal if you want to create unforgettable memories, strengthen cohesion, and experience exciting adventures.

Destinations for your family vacation 2021 – our recommendations in Africa

South Africa – ideal for a safari with children!

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A safari in Africa is a wonderful way for children to experience nature up close. Which child (and let’s be honest, which adult) would not like to watch a giraffe go for a walk or a baby elephant frolic? At such a sight, not only the eyes of the little ones shine. For a safari with children, we clearly recommend: South Africa!

With a variety of malaria-free reserves and lodges offering child-friendly activities, South Africa is one of the best destinations for a family vacation in Africa. For example, the Madikwe Safari Lodge: spacious rooms, private game drives, and numerous excursions that will satisfy even the most discerning little guests, make this lodge our favorite for families. Watch as your little ones become detectives and go on the trail of little crawling animals. There is also so-called “dung tracking” – nothing for the faint of heart! But you know that when you are a child, you are always happy about anything that is a little disgusting.


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With its diverse wildlife, unique cultural experiences, and kid-friendly activities, Kenya is one of the best travel destinations for families with children. Friendly and knowledgeable guides await you at the Elephant Watch Camp in Samburu. And the superstars of the Samburu National Reserve – the Spice Girls, for example! Of course we don’t mean the British girl band, but one of the 66 elephant families in the region! A visit to the “Save the Elephants” program, a pioneering nature conservation organization, not only shows the kids how animal welfare works. And who knows, maybe it inspires one or the other to become the next Jane Goodall for elephants.

More than 40 ethnic communities are at home in Kenya. At the Tassia Lodge in Laikipia, your children can look forward to very special fun where they can really let off steam: Here you can learn javelin, archery, shot put, and Rungu (a wooden throwing stick used by Maasai warriors). The winner has the lifelong right to show off their prize. For us, however, the highlight of a family trip to Kenya is visiting the Maasai community on an excursion to the Mukogodo Maasai village. The Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp, located in the heart of the Masai Mara, offers authentic encounters with the Maasai, a visit is definitely worthwhile.

If you can’t imagine a vacation without a beach break, then you are not alone. We have explored dreamy white sandy beaches for you – here, you can hop into the pleasantly temperate water and explore colorful coral reefs! Diani Beach was named one of the best beach destinations in Africa by CNN Travel and is just a short drive from the city of Mombasa. A few relaxing days on the pristine Kenyan coast are the perfect way to end an eventful family vacation.

Singapore – futuristic family fun

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Clean, perfectly organized, and excellent infrastructure: Singapore is the perfect travel destination for families with small children. In addition to a wealth of entertainment options, Singapore offers a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian influences – an extremely fascinating kaleidoscope of cultures!

If you ask a Singapore resident about the must-see places, they will definitely recommend Sentosa Island. We would particularly like to recommend a visit to the SEA aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world. In addition to Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Water Park and Dolphin Island are also located on this island – pretty much all the attractions that you simply have to see on a family vacation in Singapore! Another must-see in town is Gardens by the Bay. With an air-conditioned cloud forest, an imaginatively designed garden for children (even the big ones!), The larger-than-life art installations in Art At the Gardens, the fascinating Dragonfly and Kingfisher lakes and of course the iconic Supertrees and the OCBC Skyway, Gardens by the Bay are one absolute highlight for young and old. If you want to get to know the traditional side of the city-state, you should definitely visit Chinatown. Our tip: Plan your visit around the Chinese New Year, and you will experience Singapore and especially Chinatown from its most festive side!