With airline tickets in hand, it’s time to think about what to pack, whether in carry-on or checked baggage.

What to take in your suitcase is also part of planning a trip, whether in checked or hand luggage. We have gathered tips on how to assemble a travel kit, that is, we will suggest how to sector your personal hygiene items, accessories, clothing, among others. Look!

What is a luggage organizer?

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Baggage organizers, known as Packing Cubes, are nothing more than small bag organizer bags, which help to sector your clothes and belongings.

The advantage of using the luggage organizer cubes is that you can remove only what you need, in addition to easily identifying where everything is. So you can spend days and days on your trip with everything organized from start to finish – travel with a suitcase or backpack.

Most cubes are made of nylon, have a zipper closure, and are waterproof. There are different sizes, even in folder format, for storing documents.

The bag organizer is well available on the market, both in online stores and in physical stores. Usually the kits have between 3 and 6 pieces, and cost between $2 and $ 10, depending on the brand.

Organize your checked bag

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When you make a list of what to take on a trip, the organizing cubes will make it much easier, not only the sectorization of your items, but also the practicality of finding your belongings.

If you are going to travel to a place where it is hot and cold, it is possible, for example, to separate your warmest clothes in one cube and the coolest in another. It is also possible to organize blouses in one cube, shorts in another, and so on.

Below are some tips on how to organize your travel kit in organizer cubes. Each of the items can go in an organizer:

sleeping clothes;
personal hygiene items;
dirty clothes already used;
electronic accessories;


Organize your carry-on luggage

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It is very common for people to come across travelers on the plane carrying necessaries inside their carry-on luggage, purse or travel backpack in addition to, of course, the traditional neck pillow.

Although the necessity is very useful, the organizer cubes can also be a hand on the wheel, specifically if you buy a kit that comes with an organizer folder for documents. Here are tips on what you can include in your travel list when thinking about what to pack in hand luggage:

Document organizer: with passport, personal documents, airline tickets, or boarding pass prints;
Organizer for electronic items: with plug adapters, chargers, USB cables, chips, batteries, etc;
Organizer for use during the flight: with headphones, earplug, eye protection, neck cushion, toothbrush, medicine for travel, etc;
Printed vouchers folder: with proof of accommodation, transport, etc.


Organize your travel kit: bet on travel size products

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Another very nice tip that we have to help you in organizing your travel kit is to suggest that you invest in travel size products. They are items sold in reduced sizes, making them an excellent option for hand luggage.

In this way, it is possible to take in your travel backpack or handbag just what is necessary, avoiding waste or excess weight. Meet some items that are sold in reduced size:

Brush and toothpaste;
Shampoo and conditioner;
Hairdryer and flat iron;
100ml bottles for creams and liquids.

Image Source: Unsplash