The COVID-19 pandemic turned vacation plans upside down last year and this year too. The wanderlust is slowly returning and the longing for a new vacation.

Current surveys show that people want to go on at least one big trip again in 2021. The tour operators try to prepare as well as possible, and if the corona vaccinations are now also successful, hopefully nothing should stand in the way of this project.

New priorities in 2021

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Almost all holidaymakers have new priorities this year when choosing their holiday destinations, as their habits are also changing due to Corona. So fewer and longer trips are planned instead of many smaller trips. Holidays in nature are also preferred, and city trips or adventure parks are less on the program.

Popular travel and vacation destinations in Europe

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Travel destinations in Europe are particularly popular. Greece with its dreamy islands is currently in vogue. A holiday in Turkey also offers great beaches and a lot of fascinating nature. A holiday in Denmark also enables you to enjoy the vastness of nature and find peace and quiet on the miles of beaches and in the endless forests.

Distant travel destinations 2021

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If you prefer the far distance, then check out the offers for the Maldives, Barbados, or Canada. These Corona travel destinations allow you to avoid large crowds even on vacation.

Prepare for a flight

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If you are traveling by air, you will now have to be checked in at the airport. In the current situation, while there are some extra safety precautions you need to take, it doesn’t have to be stressful if you prepare a little.


Plan a trip to the airport

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To avoid personal contact on the way to the airport, it is advisable to drive. It is advisable to find out about parking options in advance. Then you no longer have to search or use expensive offers on the day of departure. If you want to park at larger airports, there are usually various official or private parking spaces to choose from. You will also find so-called valet services. You drive your car directly to the terminal and hand it over to an employee of the parking service, who then parks for you in a secure parking lot nearby. You will also receive the vehicle directly at the terminal on your return journey.

Take enough masks and disinfection with you

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There is currently a mask requirement at all airports and the usual 1.5-meter distance rule to other people. Therefore, you should cover yourself sufficiently with surgical masks or FFP2 masks and disinfectant wipes. It will also be mandatory to wear masks on the plane itself and at your travel destination.

Plan time for the security check

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In order to avoid long queues and thus the crowds of people at the security check, most airports have limited the number of hand luggage to one piece per person. However, you can also help ensure that the security checks run as quickly as possible and without delays by familiarizing yourself with the regulations in advance.

Stay calm

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Due to the current COVID-19 rules, there are currently longer waiting times at all airports. However, if you allow enough time for the processes and bring some calmness with you, then you will travel relaxed and have a great vacation time!

Image Source: Unsplash