London is one of THE metropolises that I’ve always wanted to see. Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and the London Eye are just a few of the sights I was really looking forward to. This year the time had finally come, and I went to England with my parents. Are you planning your first weekend trip to London and looking for tips for beginners? Then you are exactly right with me. I’ll tell you what you should watch out for as a “firstfruit” and what you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Preparing for your weekend trip to London

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There is so much to see in London. So it is advisable that you think about which sights you really want to see before starting. A short trip in particular needs to be well planned, otherwise you will spend a lot of time standing in line, taking the subway, and “looking for the way.”

If you are in the capital of Great Britain for a longer period, then taking the train is a good alternative. I would personally not recommend traveling to London by car. Even if you don’t mind left-hand traffic, the city is just overcrowded with motorized vehicles, and each additional one only makes the situation worse. When choosing your hotel, pay attention to what is important to you. Would you like to explore as much as possible on foot without having to take the subway? Then invest a little more in your accommodation. I had the hotel Town Hall Hotels & Apartment chosen because of the great ambiance and walking distance to the underground station “Bethnal Green.”

First time in London – what do you need to book in advance?

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In addition to travel and accommodation, you should definitely buy tickets for well-known sights in advance. Especially if you travel to London on the weekend, you have to expect waiting times at the main attractions. It helps to save the queue at the ticket counter.

If you are one of those people who want to see as much as possible in the shortest possible time, then spend more money and save yourself waiting time. Fast lane tickets are available for most attractions. The “Oyster Card” is ideal for using local public transport. In theory, you can buy them online and have them sent to you. However, you can also get them at all major train stations in the city. However, it does not apply to the journey from Gatwick Airport.

London also has hip restaurants. If you’d like to dine at one of these, reserve a table. Otherwise, it can happen to you that nothing is free anymore.

Discover London on your own – these sights are a must!

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Of course, what interests you in a city is always a matter of taste. The following recommendations are my personal highlights from my short trip to London. After reading it, you decide for yourself whether what has been described appeals to you or whether you can exclude something for yourself. No matter how, you are a little further in your planning. It is imperative to prioritize the many options that London has to offer.

Tower bridge

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My absolute favorite in London, which I immediately fell in love with, is Tower Bridge. This beautiful small and old bridge doesn’t want to fit into modern and highly efficient London at all. The very fact that it forces road traffic to take a break several times a day because it is opened to shipping makes me smile again and again. You can also visit the bridge from the inside for a little admission, including a small museum about the drive system and its technology. The glass floor is of course a highlight the pedestrian bridge at a height of 43 meters. A particularly beautiful view of this piece of gold is offered from the ship. Especially in the evening, you will discover the whole Thames bank from a new and brightly lit side.

London Eye

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One of the coolest places to admire the city from above is the “London Eye.” It shouldn’t be missing on your weekend trip to London! Especially as a beginner in London, it offers you the opportunity to get an overview of the mega-city in peace. The ticket prices are not exactly cheap, but it’s definitely worth it. You can find everything about travel times here

Buckingham Palace

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Also worth seeing is Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard several times a week. It was something very special for me to walk through the same hallways and rooms that the Queen walks through. Photos are not allowed to be taken in the palace. For this reason, there are no pictures here. By the way, this attraction is only available to you in the summer months when Her Majesty is not in London.