The series The Crown, became one of the most successful series on Netflix for portraying the life of the royals in a fairly faithful way. He has recreated great moments of the royal family, and that is far from perfect.

With a confirmed fifth season, new characters will be integrated, and a question that arose was who would be Prince Harry. Although we still do not have the answer from the production company, a survey revealed which actor would be the ideal in public view.

The Windsors’ life will arrive on the small screen with 6 seasons in total, and it is most likely that the children of Princess Diana will make an appearance, but not only in their childhood stage, but also as adults.

In recent years, Prince Harry became the center of attention due to his most important act, leaving the royal crown and moving with his wife to the United States, hence the curiosity to see him portrayed in The Crown.

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Finding the perfect people to play the royals is one of the biggest problems for Netflix, as they must not only resemble members of the royal family but must have outstanding acting skills.

It is still too early to know who will be Prince Harry, but the Spoiler website did a survey to find out which Hollywood actor would like to see The Crown fans as the youngest son of LadyDi, and these were the results.

Eight names in total were mentioned, including Sam Heughan, contestant on the Outlander series; Richard Madden, who was Rob Stark on Game of Thrones; Domhnall Gleeson, who was in the last Star Wars trilogy; and Cameron Monaghan, who you will surely remember for the film My Poor Imp and his performance in Gotham.

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The votes revealed something shocking, since the winner turned out to be the ex-magician Rupert Grint, Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series. His percentage was the highest among all the candidates, followed by Domhnall Gleeson and in third position Cameron Monaghan, but here we leave you all the results for you to see for yourself.

Ruper Grint: 34%, Sam Heughan 18%, Domhnall Gleeson 14%, Cameron Monaghan, Richard Madden, and Sam Claflin tied with 11%, Will Poulter 4% and Damian Lewis 0%

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The 32-year-old Brit who became famous as Harry Potter’s best friend, totally beat his competitors. As a curious fact, Rupert competed this time with his former seatmate Domhnall Gleeson, who was his brother Charlie in Harry Potter, do you remember?

Perhaps his physique is not the most similar, even so for viewers, he is the best option so far. Who would you choose to be Prince Harry in The Crown?