The use of earrings has existed since ancient times. However, both men and women may have an allergy to the material used to make these accessories, which, no matter how striking they look, makes their use impossible, in most cases, this occurs due to nickel allergy, which is the main component used to make commercial fancy earrings.

Why do ears get infected with earrings?

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Attractive earrings make anyone look good. However, it does not take long for discomfort in the earlobe to become present in those allergic to costume jewelry.

Such jewelry is manufactured on a large scale for commercial sale, and nickel is the most commonly used material.

Conditions in the earlobe are clinically known as allergic eczema or contact dermatitis.

Some silver and gold jewelry has less nickel, which is why certain fine earrings may cause allergies, although in a less intense way.

Symptoms of allergy to earrings

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The contact dermatitis or eczema characteristic of nickel allergy includes various symptoms that appear within hours or a few days after the skin is exposed to this material.

You can see the presence of bumps on the skin or rash. In the affected area, there is inflammation accompanied by itching and itching that can become very intense. The skin turns a reddish color, even spots similar to burns appear. The most severe cases present with painful blisters that drain fluid.

What to do when the allergy is present?

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You have used those earrings that you like so much, and the allergy has already been present, the fact that you act immediately can counteract a more serious infection. The first thing is to remove the earrings and wash your ears very well with water and neutral soap to avoid further irritation; then dry very well with a clean towel.

Take a gauze pad and impregnate it with a little hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, exert pressure on the affected area, this may hurt or burn, but it is necessary to counteract the infection. If you see pus draining from the area, you’d better see a doctor. Do not wear earrings of any kind until the area has healed perfectly.

How to prevent earring allergy?

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The most practical solution is to stop wearing fancy earrings, of course, this is impossible, not everyone has the possibility of wearing gold, silver, or diamonds.

What you should verify when buying fancy earrings is that they are nickel free. There are other hypoallergenic earring options, such as those that are made of surgical steel or titanium. Some people choose to soak the earrings in a little alcohol for a few minutes before putting them on. You can also use clear nail polish and apply it to your earrings where the metal is in contact with the skin.

A little petroleum jelly can help prevent the appearance of allergy in your earlobes, coat the needle of the earring with petroleum jelly, keep in mind that you must repeat the procedure frequently each time you want to use them.

If none of this has worked for you, it is best to discard the fantasy of your accessories and try to wear gold or silver earrings, it may be a larger investment, but it will be definitive and represents a long-term solution.


Image Source: Unsplash