Walking is the ideal sport for the untrained. The first step to more fitness is done quickly, because you don’t need any tools to get started.

Especially in nature, walking promotes your health and thus your overall wellbeing. The special walking is also an optimal endurance training, in which some calories are consumed.

Increase fitness with walking

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Walking is the ideal endurance training for those who don’t like sports. At first glance, many are not even aware that walking is a sport. Walking can be started in very small steps. Short distances are completely sufficient for an entry.

You shouldn’t do without exercising because walking strengthens the body and helps you lose weight. With regular exercise, your fitness increases little by little, and the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes decreases.

The stay in the fresh air also contributes to relaxation and lets the thoughts of stressful everyday life fade away.

The benefits of walking for health

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– Regular walking improves the blood circulation in the whole body and invigorates the mind. You should train for at least half an hour.

Walking is effective in helping you lose weight: the more intense the walking, the higher the energy consumption. The metabolism is adequately stimulated.

Walking also releases happiness hormones and breaks down harmful stress hormones.

The endurance training can be done directly

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You can start walking right away. You do not need any special equipment, and you do not have to spend any money to start the health-promoting training.

It is better to warm up before actually walking. Stretching the muscles and ligaments is recommended so that there are no strains.

In addition to the calf and thigh muscles, the areas on the back of the shoulder must also be prepared for the following walking. Once the body is warmed up, you can start. Start at a speed of three to four kilometers per hour.

This corresponds to the pace of a normal walk.

How to train your fitness effectively

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If you pay attention to your posture while walking, you will benefit even more from the positive properties of this sport. An upright gait, with your shoulders sagging, is ideal.

It should be avoided to do the walking bent slightly forward, as this only unnecessarily strains the back. On the route, the feet should then be rolled over the entire soles of the feet, and conscious breathing should take place. Three to four 60-minute units per week are considered effective training.

What do you need for walking?

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No special aids are required to start walking. However, suitable running shoes are important so that walking does not damage your feet and ankles. In addition, comfortable sportswear that is breathable and wicks away sweat is useful.

What are the risks of injuries in this sport?

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If you do not warm up, or only insufficiently, you may experience muscle strains while walking. Pay attention to the execution of the sport. An upright, unbending gait and rolling over the entire sole of the foot are important in order not to unnecessarily strain the joints.

Good running shoes reduce the risk of lower extremity pain.

Where should walking be practiced?

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Walking can actually be practiced anywhere, but the healthiest exercise is in nature. The air in the forest clearly contributes to wellbeing. A loop around a lake is ideal. Somewhat away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, the relaxation factor is also higher.

Image Source: Unsplash