Hugs enrich our everyday life and give us warmth as well as a feeling of security and love. But how many hugs are really necessary for a full life?

The personal need for a hug

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In the United States, embracing is a gesture of welcome that is widely practiced. Other cultures usually greet friends, family members, and acquaintances with a kiss on the cheek or mouth, a bow, or a handshake. The frequency of hugging does not only depend on the culture. The present situation, social relationship, and sympathy for the other prove to be just as important.

Even childhood experiences have an impact on whether we like to be later hold her, or prefer to avoid this. People who experienced less warmth and affection in childhood are less likely to entwine themselves in adulthood. This is because hugging someone is often perceived as uncomfortable or inappropriate.

Hugging can improve self-love

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There are days when we are critical of ourselves. Especially in these times, the affection of other people is important. If you are hugged, you feel accepted and loved. This way you learn to accept and like yourself for who you are and increase your self-love.

Heal a wounded soul with hugs

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Disappointments, injuries, and bad experiences are stressful. If you have been badly emotionally hurt, you should embrace the hugs of your family and friends. Hugging gives comfort, compassion, love and shows understanding. This will likely make it easier for you to process negative events and soon start the day again with a smile.

To ward off infection, take it in your arms

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Stress in the private sphere or at work often causes our immune system to weaken. People who are often in anger and are exposed to high levels of stress therefore fall ill more quickly. Hugging regularly can help you cope better with everyday stress and maintain or improve your immune system.

Hugging can inspire

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If you are an artist and you are looking for good inspiration, hug other people more often or let yourself be hugged. Looping can also help in solving problems. If you are currently redecorating your apartment, test the positive effects of hugs right away. Pushing another person frees your head and gives you space for creative thoughts and great ideas.

Feeling happier with hugs

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If you feel sad, alone, and unhappy, let yourself be hugged. It’s scientifically proven that hugging releases happiness hormones. Therefore, you should let yourself be hugged or hugged more often. Then you will find that you feel even happier and more balanced, and that you can therefore enjoy your life even more.

Hugging them can relieve or reduce fears

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A hug can help with fear and panic. This is because this form of body contact has a calming and relaxing effect. In this way, it is usually possible to reduce fear or panic more quickly. Hugging can also reduce anxiety as a preventive measure. That is why it makes sense to hug them before exams or job interviews.

Reduce pain with hugs

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If you hug other people or are hugged, your body releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a bonding hormone that has an impact on health and wellbeing. Therefore, it is possible that you will experience less pain after pushing a person. For some people, the symptoms go away completely after hugging each other. You can try out the effects of physical contact with the next headache, toothache, or limb pain and see what impact hugs have on your life.

Improve relationships with hugs

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When hugging, you create a positive and intimate feeling. By sharing this emotion with another person, a feeling of togetherness develops. Therefore, in addition to your partner, you should also hug friends, family members, and acquaintances on a regular basis. In this way, other people know that you value them and that you like them with you.